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Water Grants


Many golf clubs across the country have benefited in recent years by gaining funding for water conservation programs. Since 2006, the federally funded Community Water Grants scheme has been responsible for awarding in excess of $14 million alone to over 300 golf clubs, Australia wide. Whilst this program ceased in June 2008 it has been replaced by the newly formed ‘Water for the Future” scheme which promises to deliver $12.9 billion in funding for a range of community projects between 2008 and 2018.

Funding opportunities also exist with state governments and many local councils and regional water authorities. Almost all funding schemes will require clubs to satisfy key criteria including

• Detailed project information such as scope of intended works, detailed cost estimate and intended outcomes.
• Demonstration of potential water saving
• Demonstration of environmental benefits
• Demonstration of public benefits

It is also worth noting that most funding schemes will require the applicant to contribute at least on a dollar for dollar basis.

Projects undertaken by golf clubs include

• Irrigation system upgrades to improve water use efficiency and to cater for treated effluent/waste water coming online
• Stormwater diversion and harvesting
• Installation of waste treatment systems to recycle wash water and construction of washdown bays
• Installation of rain water tanks to capture water from maintenance facility and clubhouse roofs
• Construction of dams to store stormwater/wastewater and increasing existing storage capacities
• Construction of wetlands to aid nutrient stripping and to reuse water for irrigation
• Sewage recycling schemes
• Creek stabilisation
• Bore capping and
• Groundwater conservation

As demonstrated by the above list, the scope of projects receiving funding is diverse, so if your club is serious about implementing water conservation measures it is worth investigating what funding options are available.

To access relevant grant/funding programs please click on the following links:
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• Local Water Authority Links