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AGCSA Water Management


Water Consultants - General
Sinclair Knight Merz

Water Consultants - Landscape/Turf Design

Refer to list of Irrigation Designers, Contractors/ Installers

Water Consultants - Golf Course Design

Refer to list of Irrigation Designers, Contractors/ Installers

Brown Brothers Engineering (Vic, NSW, Qld)
Lowara Pumps

Triangle Filtration



Soil Sensors
Watermatic Technology P/L


Recycled Water

Groundwater - Bore water
Australian Drilling Industry Association
Link to Australian Drilling Association Contractors page
Southern Rural Water
Sinclair Knight Merz

Sewer Mining

Water Harvesting

Desalination/Reverse Osmosis
Jazz Water
Veolia Water Technologies and Solutions

Dam Design

Peak Industry Association for Australian Irrigators
Irrigation Australia

Irrigation Agronomists
Brain Slater
Ross McKay

Irrigation Designers/Contractors/Installers
Victorian Irrigation Supplies (Vic)
Brown Brothers Engineering (Vic, NSW, Qld)
Hydro Plan P/L (WA, SA, QLD, NSW)
Rainlink Australia P/L (Vic)
Hydro Technics Irrigation (SA)
Water Equipment Technology (QLD)
Aquatek Irrigation P/L (SA) 
Hydro Pumping & Controls P/L (Qld)
Irrigation Management P/L (NSW)
Artesian Irrigation (Vic)
Paul F Jones & Associates P/L (Vic)
Hydrosmart (SA 
Hydrogold P/L (WA)
Rural & Turf Irrigation (Vic)
Australian Irrigation Services (Qld)
Total Irrigation Designers (NSW)
Badcock Irrigation Services (Tas)
A & M Watering P/L (Vic)
Just Irrigation P/L (Vic)
Eastern Irrigation
Planned Irrigation Projects (Vic)
Total Eden Watering Systems (WA)
Waterforce Irrigation (Qld)
Reece Irrigation P/L

Irrigation Products - Manufacturers
Toro Australia
Rainbird Australia P/L
Hunter Industries
Tyco Flow Control Pacific P/L
Lowara Pumps
Triangle Filtration
Onga Pumps
Davey Pumps

Peak Industry Association for Bore Drillers
Australian Drilling Industry Association

Drilling Contractors
Link to Australian Drilling Industry Association - Drilling Contractors page

Peak Industry Association for Victorian Water Authorities
Victorian Water Industry Association

Melbourne Metropolitan Water Authorities
Melbourne Water
Yarra Valley Water
South East Water
City West Water

Regional Water Authorities
Barwon Water
Coliban Water

Gippsland Water
Goulburn Valley Water
Wannon Water
Westernport Water

Central Highlands Water
East Gippsland Water
North East Water
South Gippsland Water
Western Water
Goulburn-Murray Water
Lower Murray Water
Southern Rural Water
GMW Water

Catchment Management Authorities
Corangamite Catchment Management Authority
Glenelg-Hopkins Catchment Management Authority
North Central Catchment Management Authority
Port Phillip & Westernport Catchment Management Authority
Malle Catchment Management Authority
West Gippsland Catchment Management Authority
Goulburn-Broken Management Authority
North East Catchment Management Authority
Wimmera Catchment Management Authority
East Gippsland Catchment Management Authority

Environment & Water Resources
Waterwatch Victoria
Smart Water
Victorian Water Trust
Watermark Australia
Environment Victoria
The Environment Gateway
Victorian Catchment Management Council



Victorian Government Resources
Ministerial Media Releases
Office of Water - Dept of Sustainability & Environment
Victoria Resources Online
Sustainability Victoria
Essential Services Commission
Dept of Treasury & Finance
Hansard On Line
EPA Victoria
Dept of Human Services
The Energy & Water Ombudsman (Victoria)

Australian Website Links
Council of Australian Goverments (COAG)
National Competition Council (NCC)
Bureau of Metorology
Elders Weather

National Associations
Water Services Association of Australia
Australian Water Association
savewater alliance

CSIRO Land and Water
RMIT centre for Design
Centre for Environmenral applied Hydrology
Coooperative Research Centre for Irrigation Futures
Centre for Ecological Economics & Water Policy Research
Coooperative Research Centre for Water Quality & Treatment

Australian Bureau of Statistics
Commonwealth Bureau of Metorology
Waterkeepers Australia