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AGCSA Water Management

AGCSA Water Management Initiative


The AGCSA in conjunction with the Australian Golf Industry Council conducted research into how the current drought and its effective restrictions have impacted Australian Golf Courses.
The results of the Survey indicated that the industry is under severe strain from the drought, threatening the economic growth of the sport and jobs of the 23,000 people directly employed in the industry.
The study also reports golf courses affected are currently perusing a number short term practices to minimise water use.
The AGCSA recognises for their long term security all golf clubs should complete a Water Management Plan which takes a comprehensive audit of water management practices and explores alternate solutions to “become self sufficient” for the future. Alarmingly, the survey found that only 40% of golf courses in Australia have a formal water management plan.

As a response to the findings the AGCSA is now in the process of establishing a Water Management Initiative which will create an online and interactive Water Management Portal and expert support network.

The central purpose of the portal is an online Water Management Plan template for turf managers, that not only assesses

their current practices but offers up the “water saving options” in the form of trade products and services for the manager to become aware of the products and their effectiveness in saving water turf applications.
The portal will also offer advice on
• new technology that becomes available
• how to apply for grants,
• contacts to water consultants/services,
• reports of successful water management plans and the resultant changes made
• Updated Water restriction for the turf industry for each state
• Results on research into drought tolerant turf species, and
• How to prepare for change to alternative water sources such as sewer mining, storm water harvesting.
• Action planning and cost recovery budgeting for water saving

The initiative also aims to conduct training seminars to up skill or refresh irrigation practices and knowledge in turf managers.

The AGCSA is currently sourcing a number of avenues including government and water grant opportunities, to gain financial support of the Initiative.
Initial funds raised will be utilized to deliver
1. The interactive website
2. Seminars
3. Resources to assist turf managers complete the Water Management Plans and research for the website.